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About BLAZE - Virginia Hypnotist for Comedy Hypnosis Shows!

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A Brief, Revealing Autobiography of Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE-The Hottest & Only Name in Hypnotic Entertainment in America!
  Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE 

"Hello & Welcome You will love being hypnotized and being the star of my stage hypnosis show. It's the most hypnotic fun you'll ever have with your eyes closed and your clothes on!"

Revealing Autobiography of Comedic Performance Hypnotist BLAZE — The Hottest Name for Hilarious Hypnotic Entertainment!

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Born in Manchester, CT, this baby-boomer and former Connecticut Yankee has resided in Richmond, VA (Robert E. Lee's "court”) since late 1989. Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE loves life in his adopted State of Virginia. He has three college-age children (an '06 VT grad teaching English in Seoul, South Korea, a junior at UVA, and freshman at Lees-McRae).

At age 14, BLAZE earned the Boy Scouts of America’s highest rank of Eagle Scout. A proud moment, indeed.

Performance Hypnotist BLAZE developed and honed his wry wit, ad-lib timing and comedic improvisational sense of humor during twelve, long years of Catholic prep-schooling at the dubiously prestigious “Dry-Wit Academy for The Double-Entendre Arts & Self-Effacing Sarcasm Sciences.”

Psychological Illusionist BLAZE grew up in the beautifully bucolic, sometimes tirelessly boring, but certainly haunted, Monroe, Connecticut countryside. The house BLAZE grew up in is believed haunted by a young, native Indian, a black-shrouded figure, and annoying poltergeists who switch lights on and off. Strange; very strange indeed.

Born in Manchester, CT, this baby-boomer and former Connecticut Yankee has resided in Richmond, VA (Robert E. Lee's Anyway.

After those tedious years of private, parochial, college-preparatory education, he earned eventually his B. A. degree, Magna Cum Laude, in English, from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. BLAZE was also inducted into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi and is proud of his "kappa key."

By the way, once upon a time BLAZE was an FCC-licensed college FM-radio DJ. He had the “right voice” but because there’s really no money for too many working at boon-docks radio stations, so he decided wisely against that career path.

FREE Radio Interviews Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE welcomes doing radio and TV interviews because he makes them interesting and entertaining. He’ll regale you with stories of the power of human subconscious that will have you and your audience laughing out loud because stage hypnosis entertainment is unmatched by any other.

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Now, back to the future where career and job prospects were then few. The BA degree in English BLAZE got meant he would either be unemployable, a starving would-be writer, a school teacher, or off to law school or some other higher education degree. None of which appealed to him, frankly.

Married after college, soon-to-be Master Hypnotist BLAZE found his way into various sales jobs and disliked them all… that is, until he got into a sub-field of real estate — corporate relocation management — wherein he excelled in the art of the deal (a pre-Trumpism). However, that business field imploded by 1990 as many of the Fortune 1000 corporations cut way back on “transfers” of their employees.

Next! And time to move on. BLAZE did that by relocating his young family to Richmond, VA. Soon, he fell into and out of copywriting and marketing consulting—but which led him to fully explore the persuasive power of written and spoken words and soon to study hypnosis and master stage hypnotism. Eventually entertaining emerged as his true life’s calling—at last.

“Without question, this is absolutely what I love to do.”

—BLAZE, Hypnotist

Now, fast-forward somewhat in time—as the millennium approached, feeling inspired and called to entertain, aspiring mesmerist knew that it was time for changes on many personal and professional levels—no more bosses and especially, no more tenants and toilets. And after far too-many years working as a "manager" for others and after some years as an accomplished "killer" marketing consultant, copywriter, author, speaker, trainer, and part-time real-estate investor, BLAZE had a powerful satori experience.

Much of the humor comes from the volunteers. Whew… the lesson therein is this—and it’s dirt simple, namely that it is never too late to find yourself and do what you love.
Just do it

When BLAZE First
Got Interested in Hypnosis

Flashback to the mid-1960s. That was the era of suave dinner theaters and when posh nightclubs were all the rage. The young and future “Performance Stage Hypnotist BLAZE” remembers hearing the story of his father's stage hypnosis experience at a "supper club" in New Haven, CT or maybe New York City. It seems his JFK-look-alike Dad was hypnotized to believe he was petting imaginary dogs. And his Dad broke two fingernails trying unsuccessfully to pry up a "one-ton nickel" that was, by suggestion, a real nickel on the stage floor.

Power of Post-Hypnotic Suggestion—The stage hypnotist's post-hypnotic suggestion stopped BLAZE's Dad, a life-long Lucky Strikes smoker, from wanting a cigarette for the rest of the evening. Also, the nameless stage hypnotist stopped him from perspiring nervously. That physiological change was "utterly amazing" to Stage Hypnotist BLAZE’s parents and night-clubbing friends. And to the future BLAZE!

Young and future Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE never forgot that story about his Dad and he credits it with influencing him later on to study everything he could find about hypnosis. He even bought one of those “hypno-disks” for sale in back of some comic books of the time.

Basement Boys Bs’ing—A Star is Coaxed Forth

BLAZE remembers sitting around with friends in each other's basements, listening to now-classic rock music, and bs’ing, which really meant then BLAZE telling stories about this and that and other such teenage nonsense… and often times sort of interviewing his stoner musician buddies... just like Johnny Carson, who BLAZE admired, to the point that they would sometimes close their eyes and actually trance out...; or was it from their being high?

Anyway and afterwards, and at many other pal-around basement bs jam-sessions, the guys would encourage BLAZE to talk (seriously – just talk), and he'd tell some silly story or nonsensical observation about the people, places and things in their young lives… again and again and often late at night … and invariably some would once again space out… pass out, be gone, mesmerized, if you will hypnotized (or were they just drunk?) (LOL!)

Just a few years later, after driving back home to Connecticut from three months in Mexico City (he loved it and almost stayed, and you will to when you vacation there) but left for a few weeks in southern California (he hated its smog and beige landscape).

Broken-Hearted Youth—Oh, how young lost love is forever lamented. BLAZE remembers giving his gorgeous, flame-haired girlfriend who had the beauty of Farrah Fawcet and allure of Nicole Kidman, but who broke his heart terribly... frequent, late-night massages after many evenings close disco dancing. They danced very, very well together. And it was nightly that she became mesmerized… almost somnambulistic… when he massaged and guided her visually into seductively warm, often tropical, totally relaxing and pleasurable body and mind places… merely by touching her with his voice... and lightly but deeply with his massaging hands…on her parents living room floor. (Seems there’s a pattern of hypnotic ability emerging here, yes?) Yes!

Stage hypnotism is by far the funniest form of improvisational entertainment you will ever see because people's imaginations are uniquely different and often wild, wacky and wonderful fun!Anyway. Life moved on as it does inevitably. BLAZE believes they will meet again, perhaps accidentally... maybe here or somewhere in the beyond. Certainly in another life where they might get it right together.

BLAZE’s early attempts at hypnotizing people were sometimes his dates, or at private parties where friends would provide the material and ideas that have evolved into his stage presence.

In retrospect BLAZE realized his natural talent with and love of language using the persuasive power of emotionally charged words for inducing mental and physically pleasurable states… the basic essence of hypnosis.

Some 15 years later, BLAZE threw himself headlong into learning how to hypnotize for fun with eyes forward looking to one day perform stage hypnotism. He read everything he could on self-hypnosis and first credits the book, Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, with putting him on the path of discovery and self-actualization that led him to mastering hypnotism. The more he learned about the human mind and hypnosis, the hotter his passion for learning skillfully how to hypnotize, and a natural gift for communicating it became. Time and practice he perfected his dynamic stage hypnosis and performance skills.

About stage hypnotism he believes—

“Stage hypnotism is by far the funniest form of improvisational entertainment you will ever see
because people’s imaginations are uniquely
different and often wild, wacky
and wonderful fun. It the often the most fun people have ever had with their eyes closed and their clothes on!”

And that’s because, BLAZE adds

“Much of the humor comes from the volunteers.
And no two of my performances are ever alike!”

A spiritual man, BLAZE lives by God's ABCs, and the abundance teachings and Universal Laws told by Abraham-Hicks. Answers to man's fundamental questions and the secrets of the Universe are reveled there.A spiritual man, BLAZE lives by God’s ABCs, and the abundance teachings and Universal Laws told by Abraham-Hicks. Answers to man’s fundamental questions and the secrets of the Universe are reveled there.

BLAZE’s life-long study of metaphysics and Universal Laws led him to study the ways the human brain constructs reality using language that led him into extensive study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Knowledge of NLP and hypnotism, BLAZE then understood "the mind-over-matter” power of words to change for the better one’s reality. By the way, the phrase “mind over matter” became the theme name of his (PG-14+) show called — The BLAZE Mind-Over-Matter Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show!™

Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE is a self-taught hypnotist who has studied extensively the once-arcane science and “parlor trick” art form of hypnosis. As well as the persuasion communications secrets and techniques of the genius co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler. BLAZE applied that insightful knowledge to writing compelling, persuasive advertising copy. After all, effective advertising is dependent on the power of persuasion.

Eventually that communications expertise with the written and spoken word evolved into BLAZE’s stunning stage hypnosis performances; shows that are as enlightening as each is entertaining.

Says Comedic Stage Hypnotist BLAZE-

"Since then I continue to play with and push and stretch the hypnotic envelope because the final frontier is not out in space, rather it’s in the space between our ears. Think about that now, won’t you."

Not Your Parents’ Ol’ Fashioned Stage Hypnotist Show

None of Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE’s three stage hypnosis shows are your typical ol’ fashioned, tuxedoed-wearing hypnosis show. There’s no eerie atmosphere or dark, mysterious music. That type of hypnosis show went out of fashion fifty years ago with black-and-white television.

In the new millennium, BLAZE has almost reshaped single-handedly the old vaudevillian image of stage hypnosis performances into a hilarious, edgy, and hip-hop, pop-rock show of hypnosis adventures. His shows are intriguing and spellbinding for the Internet and video-game generation too. Says BLAZE-

“The era of tuxedos, goatees and big-yawn, boring stage hypnotism is thankfully long over."

Trained Professional Stage Hypnotist

Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE took additional training in 2002 with and earned the accomplished title of “Professional Stage Hypnotist” from Messrs. Jerry Valley and the late Ormond McGill, author of the seminal “The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism” and acclaimed "Dean of American Hypnotists.” Mr. McGill was truly a revered legend among hypnotists worldwide. At the age of 92, he passed away peacefully in October 2005. Says, BLAZE-

“God bless you, Ormond. And thank you for all you truly did for hypnotists everywhere."

BLAZE also credits the excellent how-to information products of Master Hypnotist, amazing stage hypnotist and performer known as “SPENCER - World’s Faster Hypnotist”, and practicing Consulting Hypnotherapist Don Spencer for adding to his hypnotic skills. Thank you Don.

Charles Tebbets

Even today, always the student, Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE continues honing his craft through passionate collecting and studying of out-of-print books by the grand masters of hypnosis, including: Harry Arons, Charles Tebbets, Melvin Powers, Professor Leonidas, the Amazing Randi, and Franz Polgar… to name just a few among many others. Also, BLAZE was fascinated reading the now classic 1950's best-seller The Search for Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein, which is a true story about a hypnotist involved in a past life regression.

HypnotizedTV! Have You Seen It?

Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE maintains a professional relationship with international English stage hypnotist extraordinaire, Alexander Duvall of Hypnotized.TV. Duvall has over a decade of performance fame in various night-spot venues in Majorca, Spain, where every year from mid-May to early-October, he knocks out 35+ stage shows monthly. Amazing! Very, very talented.

By the way, check out Alex Duvall’s website now and buy some of his hundreds of DVD copies of his 1,000+ stage hypnosis shows. Do tell him “Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE sent you!” He’ll give you a bonus item.

Certified Stage Hypnotist

Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is a Certified Hypnotist registered with and an member in good-standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists. The Guild is the oldest and largest hypnotism organization in the world and its certification is the most widely recognized credential for the professional practice of the hypnotic arts.

Certified Hypnotherapist, Too

Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE has also studied the hypnotherapy works of major pioneers involved with therapeutic hypnosis (past and contemporary), including among others: Gerry Kein, Dave Elman, C. Roy Hunter, Dr. John Kappas, Cal Banyan, Ron Eslinger, RN, Steve Parkhill, and Milton Erickson, MD.

Hypnotist BLAZE is a Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotherapist. But he doesn't yet practice hypnotherapy per se because his active touring schedule doesn't permit it now. But when he does slow down off the road, he’ll do so following the 5-PATH® therapeutic approach and other regression-to-cause models set down by Dave Elman, et al, and improved upon by Gerry Kein, et al.

Painless Tattoos

Among other certifications like “Stop Smoking Specialist”, BLAZE has certification as a “Pain Control Specialist.” He practices only this serious sides of hypnosis, helping a few private clients in the Richmond, VA area get painless tattoos. To see some of the tattoos gotten under hypnosis click here: Yes! See Painless Tattoos

Practicing Self-Hypnosis for Self Improvement

Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is skilled in self-hypnosis—since first learning and practicing transcendental meditation to relax as a young teenager. He still practices it daily. Recently BLAZE became a Certified 7th Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher and practitioner. Thank you Cal Banyon.

To sum up—any and all knowledge is invaluable and having the added insights and tools of hypnotherapy makes BLAZE an even better hypnotist, and about which Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE says,

"As a hypnotist, I am only a facilitator
—an experienced guide who facilitates the hypnosis process and
guides the hypnosis experience both in private sessions and on stage."

Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is a talented stage entertainer, deeply knowledgeable in the age-old art, modern-science, and philosophy of hypnosis. He continues studying and experimenting exhaustively with new methods and techniques on and off-stage, striving to simplify his techniques for inducing deep yet speedy hypnosis, which would be more universally successful on his stage hypnosis volunteers.

“Just SLEEP DEEP Now!”

And that is why Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE’s mastery of rapid and instantaneous inductions and well-crafted suggestions puts his shows volunteers comfortably and enjoyably to "SLEEP DEEP NOW!" deep in hypnosis and for the sheer delight of audiences everywhere he performs.

“BLAZE has a commanding, yet calm and assuring way with his stage shows’ participants. His conversational style for delivering suggestions and fast-paced
routines keeps his audiences wanting
more and more.”

—Philip Blair, Hypno-Fan

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler - Albert Einstein
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein

Adds Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE in agreement with Einstein,

"The true power of hypnosis resides in each human mind. The hypnotist facilitates tapping into and releasing glimpses of its imagination
and unlimited potential."

Through his wild and improvisational wizardry of fitting the comedic suggestion to the volunteer, Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE reveals the hidden talents, limitless creativity, and often-times wacky imaginations lurking in the subconscious minds of his stage-show volunteers for everyone's enjoyment.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE entertains by enlightening his audiences... often with lasting beneficial effects on those who have been hypnotized through the suggestions given at the show’s end. And, about which says BLAZE beguilingly through his cheeky grin as he knocks wood and smiles—

"So far, at the end of my shows, none of the volunteers has ever had a sudden, uncontrollable urge to shave their head, put on an orange robe and go out and
sell daisies at the airport—not yet anyway!"

But seriously, BLAZE doesn’t ever embarrass his volunteers. About which he says,

“The best laughter I’ve found is people laughing with people, not at them. The show’s volunteers are my partners, not my victims. All participants are
treated respectfully because they like and
trust me to lend me the use of
their imaginations.”

Virginia Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is in big-time demand-hire him early. When you call, please give us all of your event's information, such as-who, what, when, where, the why details, and your entertainment budget.Virginia Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is in big-time demand—hire him early. When you call, please give us all of your event's information, such as—who, what, when, where, the why details, and your entertainment budget.

You can do that either now in your e-mail or by telephone call. Either way, we'll reply back to you probably immediately, but certainly within 24-hours.


Now touring nationwide with his zany, wacky and sometimes over-the-top, wildly entertaining stage shows, Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE enjoys sharing his hypnotic knowledge and laughter with everyone—anytime and anyplace. Call or subscribe to his Hypno-Is-Fun™ FanZine and be the first to know where and when BLAZE is in your area.

Now that you've read this far let me ask you a question.

We wonder when you’ll allow BLAZE to invite you to join him on stage? To either be a "star" and be the show, or to simply see and enjoy the show.

“You Are Ready to Sleep for Me on Stage? But first look around you at the people to your left and right... because it's good to know who you will be sleeping with tonight (on stage)!”

You may not know it yet if you’re going to see Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE perform mind-over-matter hypnosis by booking his comedy hypnosis show to enjoy so much that you’ll have to contact him and tell him all about it… but you will eventually, and so for now keep reading.

Maybe you haven’t yet seen BLAZE perform, maybe you have, who knows. We are just making an observation, but when that yet comes along, there’s a strong implication that later or sooner you’re going to book the BLAZE Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show, or see it, or you could, of course be its star!

Contact BLAZEBLAZE wouldn’t tell you to email him right now - But he’d love talking with you. Or, you might simply e-mail Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE today.

You see, dear friend, the BLAZE Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show is coming soon to a venue near you. You will thoroughly enjoy experiencing a hypnotic, mind-over-matter journey to places… as yet unexplored… and because there's never a dull moment when Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE—The Hottest Name for Quality Hypnotic Entertainment in America™ entertains you!

“Stage hypnotist BLAZE has the craftiest way of hypnotizing people to do the craziest, darned things in the name of big-belly laughs!"

—Lucille Connolly, Richmond, VA

Get your printable color copy of a brief biography of BLAZE here:
Printable Color Bio of Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE

Thanks mucho.

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P. S. Listen, come closer, if you were skeptical about stage hypnosis entertainment, I can understand that. I was too, once. I'm just asking you to set aside your skepticism for awhile and call me or BLAZE for the info you need for giving stage hypnosis fun with BLAZE a go, entertaining hypnotically at your group's event. You and they will be very happy you did!

P.P.S. Here's a BONUS for either reading this far or just this post-post-script. It's the Story of how I stumbled on stage!

P.P.P.S. One more very important thing, we need and welcome your help getting Hypnotic BLAZE elected the next President of these United States of America. Here is the Channel 3 news story about his candidacy. Once he's elected, BLAZE will be known as Hypnotist POTUS. Thanks for your support!


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