VIRGINIA COMEDY HPYNOTIST BLAZE for hilarious hypnotic entertaine. and the hottest hypnosis show which makes you the its' star!

Nice & Naughty™ Club Show     

Nationwide comedy club hypnosis entertainment w/ Virginia, R-rated bar and nightclub hypnotist BLAZE is titillating fun ADULTS will enjoy & remember!

Comedy Club hypnosis entertainment with 18+ Rated Hypnotist BLAZE is guaranteed fun you will enjoy and always remember because - It's Imaginative Theater of the Mind & Body!
Hypnotist BLAZE

HOT Hypnosis Touch At Your Own Risk

Comedy club hypnosis entertainment with
R-18+ Hypnotist BLAZE is guaranteed fun you will enjoy & always remember because—
It’s Imaginative Theater of the Mind & Body!

18+ Adult Content. Hypnosis Show For Adult Viewing Only. You must be 18 years or older to enter.

To Comedy Clubs & All Adults
They Want to Titillate—

"WARNING: Before you go any further know this—my adult hypnosis show is NOT for the easily offended, NOT for the politically correct, and NOT for prudish thought-police types who think their moral code entitles them to protect others from all things… real and imagined as salacious or shocking like my 18+Rated, Nice & Naughty™ adult comedy stage hypnosis show. Got it.”

Now read on and you’ll agree…

“Awesome!” “Hysterical!” “Outrageous!” “Uncensored!”

The above are just four of many descriptive words we hear most often said and which say it all perfectly about the Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE Adults-Only Stage Hypnosis Show. Seeing it is believing and agreeing, too.

Seeing BLAZE is believing hypnosis is very real and wildly funny stuff. This show is exclusively for unshakable, mature adults because it's the only adult hypnosis show where you can fall into a deep hypnotic sleep, then fall in love with your reflection, place interesting phone calls to friends and "out" yourself, see four-breasted women, become Ol’ Leg Humper the dog or mother cat feeding her kittens, becoming the opposite sex during sex, losing your favorite body parts... and still awaken feeling well rested and totally refreshed!

“Nice & Naughty is an earth-shaking, big “O” mind-phuck!”

Isaac V., Cherry Grove, NY

Nice & Naughty BLAZE Adult Hypnosis ShowVirginia-based Stage Hypnotist BLAZE encourages a feel--really-good atmosphere in his club routines despite the overall sense his stage is a dignity-free zone! You see that’s because stage hypnosis is only for voyeuristic adults who enjoy titillating hypnotic fun laughing at themselves and others…like you reading this page.

Each show is always as dynamic and different from the next. as are the people who volunteer and willingly participate like you.


The Show is a Must See to Be Believed!

The Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE Adults-Only Hypnosis Show is a must-see only for daring, open-minded adults (21 & over) because it will be comedically controversial.

You see, each show is always as dynamic and different from the next… as are the people who volunteer and willingly participate like you. Nonetheless, the Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE Adults-Only Hypnosis Show is for-real and rated "5R" for...

Risque. Ribald. Raucous. Racy & Real.

At last, stage hypnotism is like neo-burlesque—alive and giggling... with people enjoying the very adult retro feel and fun of it—as risqué stage hypnotism entertainment is in the forefront at adults-only comedy clubs everywhere.

Certified Hypnosis Pro cap

Blaze Starr
Blaze Starr

Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE, perhaps in a tip of his tattered Certified Hypnosis Pro™ cap to infamous name-sake stripper Blaze Starr, is in the forefront of a new generation of R-Rated and X-Rated touring comedic hypnotists like J. Medicine Hat, Tony Lee, Sailesh, Frank Santos, and Justin Tranz who are re-inventing nightly both the word and format of adult, stage hypnotism entertainment for the better.

The truth is this—like burlesque, stage hypnosis entertainment is really all about the art of the tease, than the strip.

“Stage hypnotism BLAZE-style is highly suggestive,
bawdy and teasingly turned on our club’s audiences.
Dude, your ‘honey I’m horny’ bit that sent those
couples home to *#^! was hysterical.
Thanks for two great shows.”

Jimmy & D’Lee R., Spanish Fort, AL

Nice & NaughtyT Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE

Pat Collins Pat Collins

Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE was also inspired by the daring spirit of Pat Collins, who made stage hypnosis a potent form of turned-on entertainment, because like Blaze Starr, she, too, challenged and pushed the social, cultural and sexual status quos boundaries.

Famous female nightclub hypnotist Pat Collins, a.k.a. “The Hip Hypnotist” was the highly respected grande dame of stage hypnosis entertainment. She was also an aspiring singer who made two record albums of songs, one titled “Turn On With The Hip Hypnotist” and another called “Sleep With Pat Collins.” We invite you to click on the above link to hear Ms. Collins talking (not singing) about hypnosis and how to “turn on” the power of the mind. This audio is also available for listening on our FREE Stuff! page.

Lastly, you can click here to see a picture of Pat Collins and read a brief bio about this iconoclastic female hypnotist.

“The BLAZE Adult Comedy Hypnosis Show is sexy without being lurid, racy but not hard X-rated fun!”

The BLAZE Adult Comedy Hypnosis Show is sexy without being lurid, racy but not X-rated fun!
Pack the House Nightly
Kent W., Lynchburg , VA

Admit it, you love stage hypnosis because it mysterious and has huge appeal that keeps people coming back again and again (in the same week) to see 'the hypnotist' unlike the nameless comic people see usually just once during their run.You are a comedy club, nightclub, theater, or large bar owner or booker and you want entertainment which packs the house nightly with paying customers—repeat customers who drink and eat and drink and drink and spend a lot of money when having a good time with Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE.

Titillating & Unique

Admit it, you love stage hypnosis because it mysterious and has huge appeal that keeps people coming back again and again (in the same week) to see “the hypnotist” unlike the nameless comic people see usually just once during their run.

You also want and welcome a change from the same old music or from traditional "stand up" comedy nights.

“Hello BLAZE. Thank you for a fabulous time and show stories that will go on in infamy about me with my coworkers! We all truly enjoyed ourselves and hope to see you again. Send me a tape of the show so I can
keep self-incriminating evidence
close at hand.
Thanks again!

David G., Salisbury, MD

Every show receives Nice & NaughtyT Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE 's full promotional and media support.Promotional Support

Every show receives Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE ’s full promotional and media support including: show fliers, table tents, posters, press releases, and BLAZE loves making local TV and radio appearances you set up to promote his appearance.

Check Your Inhibitions at the Door

Nice & Naughty BLAZE Adult Hypnosis ShowAn “adults-only” show does not mean a “vulgar” or “gross” show that horrifies people. Nor does it mean there’s full-on nudity or anyone doing overtly or sexually explicit things either. Not at all.

Rather, the Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE Adults-Only Hypnosis Show is full of lots of double-entendre humor, sexual innuendo and even stinky fart gags. But there are no graphic sex-toys or inflatable props. Sorry pervs.

I don't think I was hypnotized. I heard every word you said!Still, there is likely to be lots of ADULT humor and a few off-color words, wise-cracks and sound-effects tied to "suggestions" sprinkled artfully in for laughs and dramatic affect.

And that’s why we urge—all anal-retentive tight-asses and people with virginal ears (especially those adults who don’t really know how to have a good time) not to book BLAZE, nor attend his erotic-oriented comedy hypnosis show.

As for you, dear visitor, and all others we say—

When you want to knock the socks and thongs off your audience, then you must get the Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE because there is almost no telling where his show will go… from ridiculously funny to recklessly risqué… to saucy and salacious!

“Hi BLAZE. The wife and me (the ol’boy with the cowboy hat) were in your late show. We both really enjoyed being hypnotized! Even though we don’t remember
it and didn’t get to see it as we were on stage,
we’d love a DVD copy of the show. Thanks!”

Hear Your Cash Registers Ringing—CHA-CHING!
 —Andrew H., Athens , GA

Hear Your Cash Registers Ringing--CHA-CHING!Watch as your friends and strangers audition for a porn movie and enjoy repeatedly a pleasurable party in their pants that it really has to be seen (and experienced) to be believed.

“BLAZE, man, Saturday night’s show was a riot!
You filled the place like Risky Business.
We’ll have you back soon.”

Imagine Also Enjoying These Shenanigans!
 —Jerry J., Winder, GA

I can make you laugh so hard that you may be in danger of pissing your pants.We don’t want to give the entire show away, but here are just a few examples: Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE plays with the deeply hypnotized people by making them do anything from forgetting their name to calling home with their “new” name…to the risqué bits like watch their breasts triple in size, guys thinking they’ve lost their “stuff” and look like a Ken doll, and each enjoys the sensation of having the best pleasurable moments… they’ve ever had in their life with their eyes closed and clothes on!

“Watching ordinary people shed inhibitions and blindly accept the outrageous suggestions from BLAZE, makes for a fascinating & pleasurable show! By the way,
I feel like I’ve known
you all my life….”

—Jacque P., Fire Island , NY

Somewhere in betweenBLAZE keeps things in control just enough so as to not make someone do something totally humiliating and possibly illegal like strip their clothes off or say terribly vulgar things just to be crude. Simply put, Certified Master Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is a trained and skillful hypnotist with the uncanny ability to persuade hypnotically audience volunteers to behave outrageously on stage.

NAUGHTY HYPNOTISTEmbarrassment is Never REALLY Ever Permanent

Hypnotized adult volunteers are not permanently embarrassed. LOL!!!. That's because the show’s emphasis is on the hilarious aspects of the uninhibited antics, BLAZE’s hypnotized volunteers are never really embarrassed and often return night after night to be hypnotized. Many of them purchase videos of their own performances.

Why That’s So Much Delicious Fun!

That’s so simply because when you are deeply hypnotized you may express yourself and be more aggressive and open than you would be in a normal sober frame of mind. However, even while hypnotized deeply your mind would never allow you to do something that you would never do under any circumstances in your conscious, waking life.

“Hey, BLAZE. I was in your show last night. I’m the blond in the skirt you made give birth and… well, feel other things—thank you by the way! I want
a copy of the show tape ASAP!”

Two Adult Shows Available Nightly

—Lucy S., Salisbury , MD        

Nice & Naughty™Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE can perform an early evening soft-R-rated show and the late-night or midnight UNCENSORED or hard-R--to-X-rated show.

“BLAZE, I was the shaved-head guy volunteer last night and let me say it was truly awesome. I never had so much fun! Please send me a copy of the show
so I can see what the hell went on!”

You Will Laugh Your Ass Off

            —Len P., Delmar , DE         

Hypnosis Rated R for RebelliousThe Nice and Naughty Comedy Hypnotist BLAZE Adult Hypnosis Show is radically different, always richly entertaining, and guaranteed to be a night of Bacchanalian revelry you will never forget either seeing or being the show.The Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE Adults-Only Hypnosis Show is radically different, always richly entertaining, and guaranteed to be a night of Bacchanalian revelry (sex and drink themes) you will never forget either seeing or being the show.

Get It Right

Nice & Naughty™ says it all about Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE who is best being silly, salacious and outrageous. His mannerisms, jokes and snappy comebacks will have you wetting yourself with laughter especially when cocktails are consumed heavily. Says BLAZE matter-of-factly —

“My show is the only adult comedy hypnosis show where underwear becomes outerwear and my audiences
inhibitions are best left at home!”

Another Orgasmic Earth-Moving, Knee-Knocking Stage Hypnosis Experience!Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE’s wry sense of humor is sharpened to a side-splitting point that will prick your sexual hang-ups and tickle your funny boner. (“If not, you are dead and simply haven’t fallen over yet,” says BLAZE cheekily.)

Another Earth-Moving, Knee-Knocking, Panty-Party Stage Hypnosis Experience!

Proving nightly just how strong the power of suggestion is on the human mind, Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE ends his R-rated and X-rated adults-only shows on a climatic note as he makes each volunteer twitch and quiver again and again… in pleasurable delight with just one SNAP of BLAZE’s fingers or to the sound of his mouth’s private-party-place joy buzzer!

“Man, that chain reaction thing you did repeatedly to the ladies at the end was amazing! Watching the guys' reactions blew everyone’s mind. And to think it was
a ‘no-holds-barred’ corporate show—
is just amazing!”

—Chris B. & Jon P., Lake Norman , NC

BAM BIG-O Hypnosis Orgasims
Listen. Some people (most men) are turned on
by the sight of a woman being induced into a trance. But everyone enjoys classic and obvious routines like orgasms on command, being turned into a stripper, lap-dancers, pole riders, being made to find one another or the hypnotist sexually irresistible, naming your stuff contest, losing or switching or quieting one’s talking or singing genitalia songs … and so much more decorum and under-age visitors prevents us from elaborating!

Summing up—clearly Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is unafraid to appeal to the lowest common denominator because that stuff is damn funny. We don’t care who you are; it’s freaking funny. Come on, confess it now!

“Thanks BLAZE. That was an absolutely
un-freakin’ believable show!”

—Al & Anne P., The Bottle Factory, MD

Have you called and booked Nice & Naughty™ BLAZE yet?

comedy club hypnotized volunteers blaze showHurry up. Do it now. Our packed calendar of available show dates wowing corporate and college clients nationwide, means Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE welcomes only a limited numbers of week-long-runs at comedy clubs, nightclubs and large bars each year.

Contact BLAZE You can either call 804.901.7199 or e-mail me, Karen Fine, your Nice & Naughty™ Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE Events Manager by clicking here now.

Booking Inquiry
Thank you,

Karen Fine BLAZE shows are nice to naughty - are you in?
Your Comedy Club Stage Hypnotist BLAZE Events Manager

(a.k.a. “She who is also Nice & Naughty™ and must be obeyed!”)

P. S. If you were skeptical about stage hypnosis entertainment, I can understand that. I was too, once. I'm just asking you to set aside your skepticism for awhile and call me or BLAZE about giving ADULT hypnosis for wild fun with BLAZE a go, entertaining your club audiences. You and they will be wildly happy you did!

Now remember these always—it is far better to be chased, than chaste! And—

“We look forward to working with and WOWING you!”

Nice & Naughty BLAZE Adult Hypnosis Show     FREE t-shirt given to hypnotized volunteers!

Contact BLAZEYou cannot resist watching and enjoying my promo video clips now can you? Try and you will discover for yourself all the reasons why so many people just like you get really excited and call 804.901.7199 to book me, Comedy Stage Hypnotist BLAZE, today!

Richmond, Virginia based Professional Stage Hypnotist BLAZE is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Consulting Master Hypnotist.

Hilarious Hypnotic Fun For All Ages! A Dazzling Voyage Through Imagination...and Beyond!
Certified Member: National Guild of Hypnotists, NGH
18+ Adult Content. Hypnosis Show For Adult Viewing Only. You must be 18 years or older to enter.

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